New Years Resoul-ution

Moon Sorce

New Years Resoul-ution

by Tara Sutphen

New Year’s Resolution should be Re Soul-ution, another year to catch up to our soul goals.


We often ask ourselves, when is enough prolongation sufficient? We get trapped in our flaws. Have you tried to lose weight for years and simply stay the same weight or gain 10 lbs every holiday? Do you smoke and continue to tell yourself you will stop smoking next year? Do you refuse to exercise? Do you want to change your career but you’re stuck? Does money have you chaotic or flustered? Is stress making you muddled? Is your health failing? Why do we do this to ourselves? WHY?

We find ourselves in many earthly tests where we have to talk fast, make decisions, and sometimes act without delay. We want to make the correct choices. Many of us try and strengthen our intellect as best we can…

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Full Lotus Moon

Moon Sorce

Full LotusMoon

By Tara Sutphen

The Full LotusMoon (Chinese) at 11* Sagittariuswill culminate, June2, 2015 9:21pm PST/12:21pm EST/0:21amChina (Farmers Almanac).

This SagittariusFull Moon is all about looking for contentment, no more fragmentation in your environment. Make good choices and settle your mind, settle your stomach. You have been given opportunities to learn, stop allowing trite misconceptions, deception and unloving beings into your personal sphere. You have been given these opportunities many times to alleviate your suffering. It is not a time to carelessly fling what doesn’t serve you aside, only its time to make the necessary boundary. As you now must take a high road and not the low road. The philosophy of an awakened mind is to be mindful, to learn from…

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Druid Blessing

The great Druids bless you, as you stand on sacred land
alchemy, shall you possess
you will be guarded by the great wizards, druids, witches of the earth and sky
you are in the center of the great circle
feel the conjuring, the magic, the divinity
the ultimate god light and power
you are in Glory
~Tara Sutphen


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Purification Process

Pure Expression — No Rules

Please share your story of love, loss, grieving, healing and blessings with Tara. You can send it to

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